Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Top 5 Things To Do In Brighton

There are so many things to do in Brighton but here are my favourites and must do's 

Number one: 
Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is fabulous. There are so many things to do on the pier from food stalls to scenery to arcade games to seagulls! I had a very bad experience with a seagull on this pier..... it's left me with a bit of a grudge. Let's just say he may have pecked my scalp *ergh* I know tell me about it. Don't let them rascals put you off though, I really enjoyed sitting down admiring the view and also treated myself to some candy floss too. I may have spent a little too much in the arcade too I did bag myself a Brighton bear though on only 2 tries on the grabbing machine! Right at the end of the pier, there is a big roller coaster aswell as the haunted house.

Number two:
Beach Huts 

A must see for me in brighton was the beach huts. I walked for about 40 minutes down the front and then I spotted them *eekk* I couldn't believe it, some wouldn't understand how exciting this was for me but believe me it was. I had seen cute little Instagrams and I wanted to do the same. It's a lovely walk, the beach huts are at the end and also there's a few food places down the front too. 

Number three:
Boho Gelato 

I had seen this advertised on Instagram and I thought I must go there. I was walking through the lanes and I found it. I was like an excited child! The staff are so friendly, and so happy to help. They have very unique flavours there, I did only have mint chocolate chip but that was due to them not having strawberry trifle left. They did however have black forest. Visiting here is a must for anyone's Brighton trip!

Number four:
Brighton Seafront

Brighton seafront has so much to offer. Plenty of food places along the front and also plenty to keep you occupied. Theresa quite a few fairground rides on the front not just on the pier. If you love a nice picture, this carousel is very popular with Instagram lovers. Either as my photo is or they have got on the ride for the photo, maybe for an outfit post or for fun. 

Number five:
Vintage Arcade 

On the seafront there is a vintage arcade with many old coin slot machines etc.  They are so cool to see and they do actually work. You are able to swap pounds into old money to use the games. It's nice to try them although it is quite expensive for a few old pennies. Definitely a must do too though.

What places would you recommend?



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